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There are no limits to the vegetarian fantasy whether meatballs, lasagne or stuffed peppers everything succeeds and tastes great with our sunflower chopping made from 100% sunflower seeds.
About the Product:
The Sonnenblumen-Hack products are an absolute world novelty – meat substitute from sunflower seeds. A real alternative to soy. All our products are produced and cultivated in organic quality in Europe in a fair way. They are vegan and do not contain any artificial additives and are free of lactose, gluten and soya.
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The sunflower mince from the Sunflower Family is an absolute world first – a meat substitute made from sunflower seeds. A real alternative to soy. The products are produced and grown fairly in organic quality in Europe. They are vegan and do not contain any artificial additives and are free from lactose, gluten and soy.

With the sunflower mince products you can basically cook everything that you can do with minced meat. The light taste of sunflower seeds gives the dish a delicious nutty note. The mince does not have to be soaked, just moistened with water once. Wet the sunflower mince with water and carefully mix in all the ingredients. Add water if necessary. Patty can’t be too dry. Fry in a hot pan without oil.