Large Christmas Veg Box (5 -7 people)


A very large selection of seasonal vegetables. Ideal for a large family gathering.

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Actual contents

Large Red cabbage x 1, Savoy cabbage x 1, broccoli 340g, Brussel Sprout Stalk x 1, Brussel Sprouts loose 350g, Carrots 1kg, Garlic x 1, Onions 650g, 1 x Butternut squash, Parsnips 1kg, Potatoes 2.2kg, Leeks 400g, Walnuts 100g, Swede x 1, Chestnuts 100g, Clementine 900g, Lemons x 2, Mushrooms 400g, Matter Christmas Chutney x 1

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Feeds family of 5-7 Contains
2.5kg potatoes
2kg carrots
1kg onions
1 x red cabbage
1kg parsnips
800g brussel sprouts
100g chestnuts
500g leeks
400g satsumas
600g broccoli
1 x lemon
1 x swede
1 x cauliflower
400g Clementines
300g mushrooms
1 x savoy cabbage/sprout top
2 x garlic
100g walnuts