Since 2014 Matter has established itself as a hub on the Greenbank Road, providing accessible organic and health foods for the local community in addition to providing a popular training and events space (S.E.A).

Matter’s daily in-house menu of juices, smoothies, freshly-blended banana ice-cream, superfood raw cakes, home-made sauerkrauts and hearty vegetable hot-pots always hits the spot. On top of the tasty food you can rest assured that you will find no shortage of lively conversation when you walk through the front door.


What our customers are saying

“Finally a people friendly organic conscious HUB in Bristol! I’m lovin it…”

— Benjamin Love

“Matter wholefoods bring healthy, nutritious and delicious food to our community, thank you!”

— Freya Meredith

“Probably my favourite shop in the entire world – you guys rock xX:)”

— Libby Lawrence

“Lucky to have a greengrocer on the street. Very lucky to have an organic one. Very very lucky to have such an original eccentric take on green grocing.”

— Andy Chester

“Can’t beat the friendly service, fresh veg, great juices and surprisingly good prices, some of it less than Sainsbury’s. Magic! :)”

— Phil Nichols

“Great friendly service, fantastic prices and a delicious juice while you shop. Winner!”

— Ellzzer Jelly

“Absolutely amazing! Beautiful produce at a great price.”

— Niki Powell

“Love it xxxx excellent food and wonderful staff ❤️❤️”

— Maria Antonia Stavrou

“So ruddy chuffed to have this in my neighbourhood. So fruitful ( and vegetable full) great treats and fine banter , have heard even the chats are organic 😉 … Certainly makes me feel alive”

— Rose Popay

“A dynamic hub of supernutrition on all levels. Fresh fruit n veg, wholefoods, snacks and excellent people. Pretty hard to enjoy hanging out in a supermarket once you realise how much more fun you could be having while you are buying your stuff…”

— Dunstan Bertschinger