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Nano Minerals

Our latest product to be on sale is Nano Minerals. An approach to better absorb the minerals. To understand how this can benefit you please read the brief information below and follow links to further resources. If you know what you know, then feel free to continue shopping. Your health is your wealth!

  • What are Nano Minerals Supplements?
  • What does Nano mean?
  • Storage Instructions
  • Whats in the bottle?

Nano Minerals by the Health Factory are the most carefully produced, premium mineral supplements on the market, bringing the amazing potency of nanotechnology to benefit human health.

They are a cutting edge way to give the body the minerals it may have difficult absorbing otherwise.

In scientific terms, Nano means ‘one billionth’ or 0.000000001. Particles can be described as one nanometre in size. From a laymans perspective you could just imagine that these particles are rendered extremely small for the purposes of increasing their surface area and making them more absorbable.

Store the product in a cool, dry place. It does not need to be refrigerated.

After opening 1 year shelf life. We pack our products in high-quality dark-violet glass, leaving only the positive infrared and ultraviolet UVA. This makes our product longer lasting. Keep closed and out of reach of young children.


100% Mineral particles suspended in purified water.

Since the minerals are in elemental form (but at nano size) you will get maximum bioavailability and the best possible absorption. In fact, nano-sized particles can be absorbed directly through the mucous membranes.

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