A Great deal has happened since Matter opened, many milestones reached and little concepts realised in the short time we have been in existence. as time goes on we are more and more humbled by the strength of Matter and its community around it. Many times people have been into the shop and look around with their eyes wide, claiming “its really grown, really happy for you” and while of course we are very happy with what has risen, it is the people who use the shop we should be happy for. They are able to give their bodies the very thing hunger calls for, clean, nutritious, organic sustenance, basically food that heals. In this world where money and convenience trump the body or the earths requirements, people are trained to prioritise other things before eating the best they can. but really what can you get from the money saved by getting food like products instead of food. sometimes if you shop driving around to all the earth and community crushing supermarkets you might find “food” cheaper than we as an independent community based shop are able to sell real fruit and veg for. but how much saving? we’ll have to do some costings and research for exact figures then that can be a blog for the future.

over and out for now