Algamar Wakame Seaweed


Wild Atlantic algae with deep waters and delicate flavor. Rich in highly digestible proteins, mineral salts (exceptional calcium content), magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and fiber.


Like a giant oak leaf, it grows on the coasts of Galicia and can measure 1.5 m. Rich in calcium, iodine, proteins and fibers, it is one of the most suitable to consume raw salads, and to start cooking with seaweed, due to its great versatility: in soups, rice, with other vegetables, in the oven, simply cooked, in fillings empanadas, etc.

Intake mode

It is recommended
Raw: Cut into pieces and soak for 15 minutes, clean if there are shells and add to the salad.
Cooked: Boil for 20 minutes with soup, vegetables, potatoes, rice, oats, corn, polenta, semolina, etc.
Sautéed: With onion for pasta, empanadas, pizzas, quiches, etc.
Steam: Delicious as an accompaniment to vegetables.

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