Coconut Merchant MCT Oil with C8


97% C8 – C8 stands for Caprylic Acid, an acid with 8 carbon atoms in its chain. Of all the MCTs in Coconut Oil, C8 provides the fastest rise in energy because it doesn?t need to be processed by the liver to be turned into fuel. We believe that business should be a force for good and our products quality coconut products are a reflection of this. What sets us apart? ? 1) We have the world?s largest range of coconut products. Retail partners and customers value this because it means one company can provide all that is needed in coconut. ? 2) Ethically sourcing our products is core to everything we do. As much as possible, we buy directly from farmers. Giving them above market prices and helping them grow. The UN is now studying us to see how our business model can be further replicated. ? 3) Everything in our range is natural and vegan. This is inline with current consumer demand, for clean natural products for themselves and their families. Since starting in 2014, we have grown considerable and are distributed in large retailers, department stores, health chains, pharmacies and independent retailers. Check out our website for information on how we source our products, as well as recipes and inspiration!

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