Heath and Heather Soft and Sleepy Night Time


  • Organic Camomile & Spearmint Infusion with Valerian Root & Hops
  • To be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet, up to 4 cups per day.
  • NIMH
  • www.nimh.org.uk
  • We proudly work alongside the National Institute of Medical Herbalists promoting the benefits, efficacy and safe use of medicinal herbs.
  • A smooth camomile and spearmint infusion enhanced by valerian root and hops. Naturally caffeine free, with a soft, silky flavour for a perfectly tranquil night time routine.
  • The Heath & Heather name has been synonymous with pioneering ‘Herbal Remedies’ since 1920. We are proud to use only the finest natural and organic ingredients known for their therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.
  • Our founders, Samuel & James Ryder, studied and unlocked the medicinal benefits of herbs, creating teas and infusions that refresh and satisfy, enhancing both.
  • Health & Happiness.
  • Heath & Heather does not have authority to prescribe medical treatment.
  • Organic
  • With camomile, valerian & hops
  • A soft, velvety herbal infusion with an enchantingly dreamy aroma

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