Mozza Rosella Basil Pesto


A delicious 100% PLANT-BASED sauce, with selected ingredients from organic farming. A creamy and original pesto with more than 60% certified fresh Basil from Liguria and Mozzarisella®, a fresh alternative based on sprouted brown rice. One of the few pesto sauces in Italy with a shelf-life of 24 months, unpasteurized and to be stored outside the refrigerator thanks to the control of the pH-value and water activity of the leaves. A culinary delight that preserves tradition, with a fresh and innovative recipe.

HOW TO USE – On your Pasta or Lasagna. On your bruschetta or to fill up your panini.


Ingredients: sunflower oil*, basil concentrate* 25%, cashew nuts*, Mozzarisella Cheddar* 5% [ Bio SuRice*® 46% (water, germinated brown rice* 20,8%, apple vinegar*, salt), water, cold pressed coconut oil*, lemon juice*, thickening agents: agar-agar, Arabic gum, xanthan gum, carob flour, vegetable lactic acid. Turmeric*. Natural flavouring cheddar taste 0,4%.], salt, corn starch*, wine vinegar*, garlic*, pine nuts*, acidity correctors: citric ac., lactic ac. * Organic.  60 g of fresh basil per 100 g of pesto!

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