Nano Gold 1 litre


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This is a high quality, externally used supplement for reducing joint pains,  increasing the strength of the immune and nervous systems, reducing negative moods, combatting fatigue, improving skin health and improving circulation in the body, pioneered by The Health Factory. 

  • It is a completely pure and effective demineralised water containing 10mg / l (10 parts per million) of negatively charged, suspended monatomic, diatomic and nano-clusters of gold particles (‘Aurum’) varying in size from 0.14 to 4 nanometers. This precise ratio is crucial for maximum absorption of the gold nano-clusters in the blood-brain barrier.
  • It consists of exclusively the mineral in question suspended in the purest water. Nothing added.
  • It provides fast and effective method of supplementing gold levels into the bloodstream through the skin and therefore doesn’t rely on a properly functioning digestive track.
  • These minuscule gold particles have been used for centuries for its anti-aging benefits, supporting blood circulation especially regeneration in the digestive system and in the conduction of brain nerve cells.
  • It is applied through the skin to the bloodstream in a no-pill formula, easing muscle tension at the same time.
  • It is non-toxic, safe to use topically, odourless and colourless.
  • It is packaged in dark violet glass (avoiding light-sensitivity) for optimum shelf life and potency.



Purified H2O with monatomic, diatomic and nano-clusters gold.  Double isolated particles with the highest possible zeta potential, measured at: -60 millivolt.