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Matter ethos.

We want to make whole food easy and accessible to everyone. Through providing outlets, and keeping prices down, we hope to help change the way people perceive and prioritise organically produced food.

We are passionate, driven and dedicated to being part of helping to create a world where healthy eating is considered a normal way of life. By supporting local producers and businesses, we aim to  contribute to the local economy, benefiting the environment, your health, happiness and pocket!

 We integrate many ways in which we make it possible to keep costs down for the customer by reducing what would otherwise become waste.

Super Healthy- We offer fresh juice, smoothies, and other health tonics, as well as making in house Sauer kraut, dehydrated goodies and our famous raw, dairy free, sugar free super cakes that are all made fresh from our own whole produce.

we also do locally made products, including raw chocolates, teas and locally made cosmetics, hand made cards, foraged produce, local cider vinegar with the mother, salad leaves and other locally grown offerings.

Visit us in store for amazing organic fruit & vegetables at wholesale prices!!  Organic wholefoods that are  lower in price than most other outlets, with wholesale available on request.


Monday to Thursday from 8am til 8pm

Friday, Saturday 8am-6pm

Sundays 9am to 6pm


1 Greenbank Road, Bristol, BS5 6EZ