“Imagination is more important than knowledge...

...for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” - Albert Einstein

Matter was born out of dreams, desire and a whole load of passion.

"Never stop dreaming of a better world, where love, not money is the driving force" - Jon

Why shop with us?

Keep it Local.

By supporting local farmers, growers and businesses, we aim to contribute to the local economy, benefiting the environment, your health, happiness and pocket! We even exchange our instore produce for homegrown fruit & veggies, forraged herbs and wild fungi!

Keep it Affordible.

Our mission is to make organic whole food accessible to everyone. By providing outlets and keeping prices down, we hope to help change the way people perceive and prioritise organically produced food.

Keep it Real.

From field to your basket, we ensure all of our produce is sourced from chemical free farms as well as offering a wide range of nutrient dense produce grown in accordance with bio-dynamic and permaculture principles. Real food the way it should be!


Keep it Healthy.

Energize with a fresh juice, smoothie or health tonic while you shop. Sit back and enjoy our veggie hot pot of the day topped with in-house Sauerkraut. Or how about a slice of one of our famous raw, dairy free, sugar free super cakes, made fresh in store. Feeling healthy has never tasted so good!

Clean food... Clean delivery...

Proud to be the first Bristol company to deliver using electric vans and quite possibly the best value veg box in the UK, we hand pick everything to ensure you get the freshest and most delectable selection of local, seasonal, premium grade produce, grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Be a part of the food revolution!



1 Greenbank Road, Bristol, BS5 6EZ


Monday - Thursday: 10am til 9pm

Friday & Saturday: 10am til 7.30pm

Sunday 11am - 7.30pm