Majestic All Purpose Cellulose Sponge


The Maistic All Purpose Sponge is thin (9 mm) and sized perfect for the hand – two features making it a perfect mix of a cloth and a sponge with all of the two product features.
And yes – of course you can wash it. Pure cellulose sponges can go into the dishwasher glass drawer – putting it in the washing machine will shorten its lifetime.

Our All Purpose Sponge is very useful or your household cleaning, particularly suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces – not leaving leftover material as plastic sponges and cloths would. Also the sponge will not leave marks but leave the surface drier than plastic shonges and most cloths.
And it absorbes dust and fluff on its way.

If you use sponges for your personal care and bathing your children, try the All Purpose Cellulose Sponge for this too. It is soft and very appropriate for those purposes too.
Are you in need of a make-up sponge? Find the scissor and cut All Purpose Cellulose Sponge into smaller pieces. Now you will have supplies for a long time.

All MAISTIC sponges are made of wood-based cellulose. They are nice and soft, fully bio-based and plasticfree. Can all be reused as they are washable in dishwasher top glass drawer.

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