Oatly Oat-gurt Blueberry 400g


Fermented oat product, blueberry, with added vitamins and minerals.
Pasteurised. Wow no cow! It’s Swedish! Unsurprisingly contains oats. Free from lactose, milk protein, soya. 100% cool for vegans.Oatly Oatgurt Blueberry 400g. Oat based alternative to blueberry yogurt. Wow no cow! It’s Swedish! 100% cool for vegans Free from Lactose, milk proteins and soya Unsurprisingly contains oats Enriched with vitamins and minerals Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days Climate footprint: 0.58 kg CO2e per kg If you are deciding whether you should try our Oatgurt Blueberry, here’s the quick answer: Yes, for sure! But since you know the only reason this paragraph exists is to get you to try our product, you are probably not going to take its word for it that easily. There will need to be a presentation of facts surrounded by a good amount of adjectives, aka the long answer. Cool. Here you go: Oatgurt Blueberry is creamy and thick with a fresh, juicy taste, just like a really good blueberry yogurt, only this one is made from plants. To be specific, these are real blueberries and real oats, both of which are grown from the earth’s soil in warm sunshine and…well, you know how plants work. It’s a perfect vegan treat for non-vegans, too. And we haven’t even gotten to the amazing part yet.

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