Solaris Throat Chakra Teabags x 45


I speak – Throat Chakra – Vishuddha: the fifth Chakra, located in the region of the neck and shoulders.

This is a refined herbal blend, with citrus top notes, containing Lemongrass, Hibiscus & Ginger. It is both soothing and energising, with the effect of relieving mild irritation of the throat.

Throat Chakra balance is associated with our expression and understanding of communications both verbal and nonverbal. It is the key to our thoughts and feelings, and our ability to communicate with others. It is through this Chakra that we speak our choices, and learn that all choices have consequence. A focus on this Chakra can open you to your self expression and creativity. This Caffeine-free blend is soothing and relieving, as well as invigorating. Try this blend to reach Throat Chakra balance and achieve a better expression of your thoughts and feelings.

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